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On March 16, 2014 I was notified by WordPress:

“Happy Anniversary!  You registered on 2 years ago!”

I think about a lot of anniversaries during the first four months of each year:

Twenty-one years ago during this month of April is when these mental/emotional health issues I didn’t realize I had emerged full-force after a breakdown.  No professional person has ever labeled what I went through as a “breakdown”since it happened in the privacy of my own home.  I label it as such because that term is the only one I think applies to what I went through for a solid week.  The after-effects have lasted twenty-one years and, unless I receive a miracle, will last until the day I die.

Four years ago in January my meds quit working and I spiraled so far down until I came closest to committing suicide than ever before.  I wasn’t aware at the time that my meds quit working.  It snuck upon me slowly.  I thank God I had a wonderful psychiatrist at the time who would call me at home to check up on me.  It took until March before I was able to get out of the house and see him.  I think I scared him because I’d cut myself twice in a twenty-four hour period, since the first time I hadn’t cut deeply enough, and I don’t think he’d ever encountered that before.  He wasn’t a full-fledged M.D.  He was a P.A. (Physicians Assistant.)  He was the best doctor I ever had.  Unfortunately for me and all his other patients at the mental health clinic, he decided to transfer to Primary Care.  I miss him quite often!!

Two years ago in February, on Valentine’s Day, I had a mastectomy and survived my fight against breast cancer.  (The radiation came later, but I consider this date to be when I knew I had truly survived the ordeal.)

I’m grateful WordPress notified me of my anniversary with them.  My writing has changed since I first began my blog.  This is only right as I have changed in the past two years.

I chose my user name to reflect that I was a survivor.  This was something new to my awareness of who I was after surviving everything I’d been through in life, not just the breast cancer.

I also wanted to protect my privacy and the privacy of those I love as much as I possibly know how to do so.  This blog is not about identifying me as an individual, but it’s about my experiences and how I’ve survived, endured and persevered through them.  I also show the mistakes I’ve made along the way and am as open as I can be in a public forum to underscore the fact that I am a spiritual being residing in a human body and therefore I am still able to mess up big time.

My hope still remains that those who need to read what I write will be led here so they can see that if I, a regular person, can go through all I’ve gone through and am still going through, if I can survive, endure and persevere through it all, then so can anyone else.

I am praying that I will now be enabled to thrive, to shine, to be myself no matter the circumstances around me.  I hope those who have read my blog and are reading it will stick with me and see how this turns out.  Hopefully, I’ll have another anniversary to celebrate:  “The Day I Began To Thrive!!”


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  1. Carol Ann Cox


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  2. Congratulations, Kathy, and may you have happy anniversaries to celebrate in the years to come!! xx ellen

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  3. You and your writing are a blessing. I’m so glad that you are a survivor, that you began blogging, and that I found my way to your blog.

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